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Our speciality is to drive awareness and educate your target market on your offering.

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Here at Crunchy Social, we build and maintain a strong social media presence for your brand. We provide the highest quality digital marketing services and social media management for small to medium business in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and all around Australia.

Social Media Management

Let our team at Crunchy Social generate awareness and enhance your brand image through efficient social media management.

Customer Attention

We understand that running a business can be difficult as you work to provide your business’ best service while also gaining customer attention and loyalty.

Social Media Landscape

Maintaining a strong presence in the social media landscape can drive visitors to your business and portray your brand in a positive and relatable light.

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What You Can Expect

Crunchy Social delivers bespoke social media services, designed to delight your audience.

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A Leading Social and Digital Media Marketing Agency in Sydney - Set, Meet and Exceed Your Goals

Crunchy Social can help you focus on your specialty, while we emphasise your brand image through sharing eye-catching updates and working to gain followers of your brand. We are experienced in social media set up and optimisations in a variety of different industries, from luxury retail and construction to fashion and business management services.

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Finding An Informed Social Media Marketing Agency in Sydney

Social media is a key platform for businesses who want to open an avenue of communication with their customers. This stresses the importance of having eye-catching and comment-worthy content.

Crunchy Social has strived to become the most committed social media agency in Sydney, dedicated to improving your social media profiles and keep your followers engaged with your business! To discuss your options with a tried and tested social media marketing agency in Sydney, get in contact with us at

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Increase Your Social Media ROI

If your goals include increasing audience attention on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest, we can devise effective strategies for gaining engagement, followers and ultimately, customers through digital marketing. We pride ourselves on being the most hands-on social media marketing company in Sydney. An important aspect of social media marketing is developing targeted ad placements across the most appropriate social networks and using a variety of tools. We have experience in generating customers and leads through effective ads management and high-quality content marketing.

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From our experience...

One of the biggest pain points for business owners is finding the time to manage their own social media profiles and sourcing content to keep their followers engaged. This is why we strive to find the best quality content alongside well-written copy with effective calls to action. Crunchy Social uses strategies to grow your following and engage your audience while positioning your business in an authentic and relatable light.

We can offer you a number of digital marketing and social media package options from occasional updates on one or two networks to a more comprehensive service including frequent updates on multiple platforms. Send us an enquiry to open a discussion about the best level of service for your business’s unique requirements. As Crunchy Social is a competitive social media marketing company in Sydney, we’ll happily discuss an appropriate quote to cover all of your digital marketing and social media requirements. Just send us an enquiry through our website or email contact@crunchysocial.com.au.

Why Use Social Media?

79% of consumers are on social media, while only 49% of small to medium businesses are active on social media platforms.

1 in 3 consumers will check out a business’s social media presence before making a purchase online.

Small business lag behind large businesses in the acceptance of a social media strategy – only 40% of small business versus 90% of large businesses use social media.

64% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if they interact with consumers in a positive way on social media.

(All figures from the 2018 Yellow Social Media Report)

Our Packages

Our social media packages and prices are bespoke for each business due to the different frequencies and type of content needed in order to promote your business in its best light. We aim to increase your relevance to the ever-growing number of consumers looking to social media for reputable brands. Social media can increase the reach of your brand, targeting consumers in a landscape where they can easily share your business and supplement word of mouth. We offer social media analytics and reporting.


$ 99

Per Month
  • Your choice of platform.
  • Up to 3 targeted posts each week.
  • Tailored updates and strategies for audience growth
  • No lock-in contract.

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$ 99

Per Month
  • Your choice of up to 2 platforms.
  • Up to 4 targeted posts each week on selected platforms.
  • Content sourcing, copywriting and graphic design for your content.
  • Tailored updates and strategies for audience growth.
  • Hashtag research
  • Ads management on Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • No lock-in contract.

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$ 99

Per Month
  • Your choice of up to 4 platforms.
  • Up to 7 targeted posts each week on selected platforms.
  • Content sourcing, copywriting and graphic design for your content.
  • Tailored updates and strategies for audience growth.
  • Hashtag research
  • Ads management on Facebook and/or LinkedIn.
  • No lock-in contract.

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Your Challenges

Entering into the world of social media can be challenging for business owners for a variety of reasons.

Landscape View

Lack of up-to-date knowledge on the ever changing social media landscape.


Lack of time to devote to posting multiple updates per week.


Lack of experience in social media marketing.

Our Solution


Post quality material to effectively showcase your business offering.


Post updates in a consistent manner to keep your business top of mind amongst your audience.

Strong Relationship

Build a strong relationship with your target audience through relatable content.


Help you inspire positive action and sales using calls to action.


Motivate followers to join a mailing list, visit your website or submit an enquiry.


Be responsive to all enquiries made through your social media accounts.

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