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Hi! I’m Claire and I am proud to have founded Crunchy Social, a home-grown social media agency, specialising in social media management and enhancing your brand image through social media marketing.
Based in Sydney, my role is to manage clients and use my extensive social media and digital marketing experience to develop strategies, content and results for my clients.

I got into social media marketing after frequently seeing businesses failing to start or maintain their online presence. I understand the frustration of being compared to others in your industry. Are you feeling stagnant in your business or like you’re falling behind? My goal is to help small to medium businesses establish a professional and appealing online presence to catch the eye of your audience and build your brand.

I am passionate about helping businesses bring out their unique brand personality online.

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Crunchy Social Founder and Marketing Consultant, Claire

What we do

By taking away the burden of constantly posting on your social media, we’ll save your time and use effective communication and processes so we can represent your brand effectively. Establishing credibility, sharing your message and convincing your audience is an important aspect of social media and your overall marketing strategy.
Maybe you don’t have the time or in-house team to understand the nuances of each platform and how you can best showcase your brand to get more sales. That’s exactly where we want to help!
Through content, paid ads management and engagement techniques, together, we’ll grow a community of customers for your business.

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