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Digital marketing is such a fast-paced industry and while your website is a great point of reference for customers to gain information, the focus has been shifted greatly. Customers in this modern climate of internet communication are drawn to customised interaction. Businesses attract customers by showing activity and interest on social media, but a lot of customers are wanting more in terms of immediate answers to their questions and feeling like they’re valued as a customer. Chatbots are becoming the newest, must-have addition for any business, whether this communication is for general enquiries or resolving issues.

The good news is that our team at Crunchy Social can offer you an amazing chatbot that will work hand-in-hand for your business, regardless of your industry. Let’s look into what chatbots are and why you need to consider a chatbot for your business.

What Are Chatbots?

In reality, chatbots are not a new invention – they’ve been around for decades. Recently, businesses have begun to notice just how profitable and valuable they can be for a company.

You can find chatbots on websites and on smartphone apps. Arguably, they gained prominence when Facebook Messenger integrated them into their platform. With 1 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger, it’s no surprise as to why chatbots have been thrown into the spotlight.

In short, chatbots simulate human conversation through artificial intelligence. Its aim is to mirror natural conversation, to help with customer queries and problems. Some of the most popular chatbots, which you have most probably used before, is Siri or Alexa.

The chatbot programming that we can offer at Crunchy Social is integrated with your business’s Facebook Messenger platform. This allows customers to easily find your business and ask any sort of question. We’ll work with you to understand your most common enquiries and develop an appropriate conversation script for your bot.

Why have chatbots become so popular?

Before we dive into why you need a chatbot, it’s important to discover whether or not they are something revolutionary, or if they’re simply a trend that will fade like many others.

The world of social media marketing is changing rapidly and customer expectations are completely different from what they would have been a decade ago. Now, we expect help and assistance almost instantly. For this reason, companies have to provide their customers with something truly extraordinary, just so that they can stand out from the crowd.

Chatbots have provided businesses with an easy way to improve their customer service. Likewise, they’ve provided customers with help and advice. They have not simply “become” popular, they’ve gained a natural progression to being valued for their abilities – and rightly so. They not only answer the questions of your customers but also save you or your customer service staff’s time by not having to respond to every message that comes your way.

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How A Chatbot Can Help Save You Time?

Answer questions from your customers.

Let customers book appointments or reservations.

Gather information from your enquirers.

Promote new offers to your subscribed customers.

What are the benefits of using a chatbot?

To begin, chatbots still have extreme potential, the technology itself is still very young. With the continuing development of AI, chatbots can easily become one of the best additions to your business.

Chatbots can also help push your brand voice and message to the customer. From a marketing point of view, a chatbot that embodies everything your brand stands for is always a beneficial move. Remember, your chatbot represents your company – making it unique for your brand.

Another benefit is that they offer straightforward advice and services, that won’t overwhelm the user, but still, point them in the right direction. Customer service is of paramount importance, a chatbot will help you with this.

Chatbots also help you – they take away the task of the basic analytical or admin jobs, making your team more streamlined and productive.

By determining the best conversation script for your chatbot, we can help steer your customers in any direction you’d like them to take. Whether this is educating them about your offering, allowing them to book appointments or reservations on the spot, or simply gaining more information from your customer which can be reviewed and responded to by a representative from your business.

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