Give Your Business A Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation

Looking To Give Your Business’s Online Presence a Complete Makeover? Hear How We Can Completely Transform Your Business’s Branding to be More 2020.

Have you ever gone onto a business’s website and said “Gee that is sooooo 2000’s” Whether it’s the design, speed or navigation of a business’s site, poor online branding can lead people to scoff and a turn to find another business that’s more in touch with the needs and expectations of customers in 2020. Let’s look at why you might need a ~Digital Transformation~.

Just like any make-over reality show would say, your appearance is so important when making the first impression on your target customers. This comes from not only your website but your social media channels, email communications, business branding such as business cards, letterheads and email signatures and of course, the content you produce for all of these aspects.

Why Do You Need To Do This?

The biggest pain point of most businesses in 2020 is finding their customers. Now you need to find out where your customers are in the digital space, while up against tens if not hundreds of similar brands that operate worldwide. It’s one thing to find them and another thing to gain their precious attention. Transforming your brand to be consistent and aesthetically pleasing will go far in terms of increasing brand-recall and helping your customers develop expectations about the kind of business they’ll be dealing with. The better the branding, the more in-touch the business is I say!

Why is Crunchy Social Your Go-To Digital Transformation Agency?

As experts in the field of digital marketing and social media, Crunchy Social know where your customers spend their time online, what type of content they will engage with, and how to get their attention. The team works to keep tabs on the current market trends and help you stay relevant to get in front of your potential customers.

Here Are Some Of The Things We Can Do For Your Social Media Presence

Profile Optimisation

Your online presence should bring the best out of your company. Crunchy social will make sure your branding is representative of your company, as well as use the right keywords to be more searchable by your potential customers.

Re-Think Your Targeting and Audience Persona

Your audience persona is the key to understanding who you need to be targeting. This is someone who represents your ideal audience which can help us discover ways to generate the most effective digital marketing plan.

Graphic Design

This is the biggest aspect of your branding. You need your branding and templates to be designed by someone who has an eye for design in order to make your brand eye-catching and consistent.

Offer High Quality, Relevant Content

This comes from understanding your audience, and researching what’s going on right now. We aim to increase your reach and engagement while fostering loyalty with your followers.

Posting Quality Content On A Regular Basis.

This might be every week, every day or more depending on your audience, but it needs to be regular. It can be difficult for business owner’s to prioritise posting on social media when they have so many other tasks to think about. To ensure the greatest success with these posts, we research what time your audience will be online and schedule these posts regularly.

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