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Utilise Facebook To Its Full Potential – Market Your Business With Facebook Ads

Facebook has an active user base of over 1.56 billion people daily. Businesses can use this platform to build a tuned-in network of people who are responsive to your brand updates. The value of a loyal and interested network on Facebook cannot be overemphasised so why not make this one of your key marketing strategies? Facebook marketing is an invaluable tool for businesses if done correctly.

Facebook Marketing involves the creation and active promotion of a Facebook Business page to directly influence and maintain contact with an audience of current or potential customers via specific strategies. Facebook marketing makes use of the global Facebook network and allows for an instant communication channel with your followers. It also involves Facebook advertising which includes the promotion of paid ads, giving businesses the ability to reach people far and wide. These techniques help you to gain the right, targeted traffic to your website to drive sales for your business.

Facebook Marketing is undoubtedly the biggest social media platform with a multitude of promising opportunities. Whilst you might claim to market your business in the best way possible, Facebook Marketing offers a huge audience of people to attract, given you’re using the right strategy. This strategy brings you in direct contact with your targeted audience based on interests, age, profession, location or behaviour. It allows for a better way to expose your business to Facebook users. Facebook marketing is time-consuming and for this reason, established business owners have found it helpful to outsource this to a team of Facebook marketing experts. With experience using Facebook’s business tools and ads manager, the team at Crunchy Social can help you to use Facebook to its full potential.

Why Use A Facebook Management Agency?

Facebook marketing agencies like Crunchy Social are hired to oversee the growth and success of your business page on Facebook. This function is performed by our experienced staff with in-depth knowledge and skill in the optimisation and branding of online social media platforms. Using your established branding, we work to curate a consistent and appealing Facebook presence to represent your business.

With Facebook being a key area of expertise, Crunchy Social can provide you with Facebook marketing services and strategies to take your business page to the next level. A Facebook marketing agency like Crunchy Social offers you;

  • Further opportunity to reach your target audience.
  • Skills and experience in account growth and online marketing
  • Complete tools and up to date information on the platform
  • A statistical approach on the growth and success of your page.
  • Quick results compared to a personal and limited approach.

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Crunchy Social is our experience in using Facebook ads. As you may already know, Facebook ads are paid advertisements done on Facebook that enables businesses to target specific audiences to drive better results in terms of engagement, traffic, leads and conversions. Over time, posting organically on Facebook has decreased in effectivity, making it necessary to sponsor posts to reach the desired audience. With as low as $100 of ad spend per month, you can get your business offering in front of Facebook users who may become loyal customers in the future. The amount you spend on ads is completely up to you, however, it is proportional to the amount of reach you can gain from utilising Facebook ads efficiently.

Facebook has the data needed to amplify the reach of your business content to your ideal target audience. Facebook advertising also allows us to re-target people who have previously shown interest in your business. We use Facebook’s pixel data to capture and show your ads to an audience of those who have visited your website before.

Facebook Marketing Services

Perhaps you don’t know how to effectively make use of Facebook’s array of marketing services. Using Facebook marketing services will help you stand out amongst other business owners on the platform. Some of the Facebook Management services applied by Crunchy Social include;

  • Daily management of your page
  • Increased awareness by creating appealing content and using targetedFacebook ads.
  • Optimising your page’s business information to attract and inform your followers.
  • Use of curated content and well designed visual material.

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