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Instagram is one of the biggest and best online platforms for connecting with people and brands all around the world. The social networking platform reported more than one billion active users each month. It also has 500 million daily Instagram stories. Approximately 60% of online adults are daily users of this platform, highlighting the importance of making sure your business is searchable and active on the app. Additionally, eighty per cent of Instagram users follow and browse for company accounts on a regular basis and 72 per cent are customers of the business accounts they follow.

The influence of Instagram marketing on a business can not be emphasised enough. Thousands of business accounts use Instagram to get their products and services in front of an audience who follow to gain value in terms of information, entertainment, inspiration or visually pleasing content from the brand.

Setting up your Instagram Business Account is an important aspect that Crunchy Social can help you with. You need an easy-to-search business account username as well as an informative bio and a correctly sized business logo for your display picture. Utilising your industry’s most relevant hashtags in your bio, tagging any relevant accounts or linking to your website is important for user-experience and funnelling your viewers to find out more about your core business offering.

We can also help set up your account to ensure it’s a business account and connected to your Facebook and any other relevant pages. These tasks take time. Using an agency that specialises in Instagram management services can help save you the hassle and ensure the job is getting done efficiently and correctly.

Developing your Instagram Marketing Strategy

At Crunchy Social, we consider what you have to offer based on our conversation with you and your current online presence. We define what sets you apart from other competitors in your industry before promoting your value on Instagram. We can help develop content either using your provided images or sourcing images online and we use several Instagram marketing strategies to drive awareness and interest in your business. We can discuss whether you would like to engage in paid Instagram advertising to target a defined portion of your audience who may not come across your page organically.

All these tasks can be very challenging, especially for business owners with low experience in the social media field.

Why Should You Outsource Your Instagram Management?

There are several reasons why business owners want a social media marketing agency to manage their business accounts on Instagram.

Instagram is a platform where you need to create value for your audience. Especially with the removal of ‘likes’, Instagram has become a place where users only engage with a business if they offer educational, entertaining or inspiring content. While most business owners are focusing on running their business and providing their best service, promoting valuable Instagram content often gets put to the bottom of the list of things to do. Using a trusted Instagram management agency will allow you to get back to the task that only you can do.

Customer Service is a highly influential factor in the purchasing decision for a lot of customers. Perfect customer service is often one of the best reasons that people will spread word of mouth about your business, especially after receiving quick and helpful answers. Being active and approachable on Instagram suggests to users that you’re in-tune with your customers and will be available to help whenever they need. Therefore, strategic and appealing Instagram Marketing can reduce the barriers for customers when considering which company to choose in their purchasing decision. Lets us help you achieve your business goals throguh quality Instagram management.

Time management is one of the key aspects of running a business. As all business owners know, outsourcing the tasks that you’re not an expert at is an important part of running a successful, scalable business. Business owners should hire an Instagram manager, to help set you apart from the competition in your industry. Crunchy Social will work to curate a consistent and appealing profile that embodies your brand in a representative manner. Your audience wants something unique and fresh and hiring a skilled Instagram manager will allow you to achieve this. We also do thorough research into your best hashtags and ideal audience when it comes to any Instagram advertising campaigns.

Get your business’s Instagram up to scratch by getting started with an Instagram Management agency like Crunchy Social.

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