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Social media in the real estate industry is booming with Millennials making up around 66 percent of first home buyers. Additionally, 99 percent of Millennials will search online for real estate. As property buying and selling is predominantly based on the visual appeal of the property, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest can successfully portray your real estate listing in the best possible light.

At Crunchy Social, we know from first hand experience, that being a real estate agent is hard work and getting your name or your business out there can be difficult. It’s time to forget letterbox leaflet drops as now we are seeing that posting consistently on social media can reach a huge demographic of interested property buyers. Instagram is one of the more challenging yet rewarding platforms.

We understand that social media management can be challenging to juggle with all of the other requirements for being a good realtor. In fact, 48 percent of all real estate firms reported that keeping up with technology was one of their biggest challenges in the coming two years. That’s why we’ve made it our full time job to assist you in providing the best online perception possible.

The beauty of social media management for real estate agencies is that you already have appealing photos taken of your listings, all you need to do is send them through to us. We’ll choose which of your photos and videos are best for the platform, develop an eye-catching, informative caption and utilise popular yet relevant hashtags, all while interacting with other profiles and followers. We can also build content around local events and features of the community such as schools, as these are often big influences in the house purchasing decision.

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