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Get Meaningful Insights About Your Social Media Efforts To Manage Your Online Reputation

No matter the size of your business, social media reporting is a key aspect of social media management. At Crunchy Socal, we use a variety of tools to assess your business’s social media insights and determine the best course of action for your social media channels going forward. We’re determined to get you the best value for your social media spend and are always looking for ways in which we can improve your social media presence.

Whether you have a small to medium business or are running a large scale enterprise, your business will benefit from knowing exactly how we can be improving your content, audience targeting, posting times. By checking your insights, we’re also able to confirm that we’re targeting and attracting your ideal audience. Monitoring your social media platforms will allow us to better track where your brand performance is lacking and what measures we should take to improve it.

Social Media Reporting Is All About

Gathering data on how your social content and brand is performing on your social networks.


Analysing the performance of ads

Gaining insights on what engages your audience and how we can continue to build a strong relationship with your followers.

Determining what we can do to improve future performance.

Finding the most effective settings and timings for your content scheduling.

It’s a Game of Numbers.

We aim to make it easy for brands to keep abreast of how they’re doing on social media. We can track if social media is gaining you followers, engagement, website views and even sales. Knowing this information is valuable as it can help you determine where it’s best to be allocating your marketing spend.


How To Optimise Business Strategy Through Social Media Reports

The data we gain from social media insights is just a number unless you can utilise it to make wise business decisions. At Crunchy Social, we make the most of these insights by creating a comprehensive social media report each month. We also, of course, thoroughly analyse these social reports to determine how we can continue producing content that gains the desired outcome of your marketing efforts.

Learn How We Can Improve Your Social Media with In-Depth Social Media Insights.

These reports help us better analyse the social media performance of your business in terms of:

  • Social media following
  • Engagement of your audience
  • Best performing content
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Audience demographics.

Find out which of your social media campaigns are working and measure results across all your social media platforms including Facebook Insights, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Social Media Marketing

Why Do Business Need Social Media Reporting?

Social media reporting is an important tool when it comes to building sales for your business. If you’re not resonating with your audience, you won’t be inspiring anyone to purchase your products or services. By aiming for improvement in your engagement, content, audience targeting or any other aspect of your social media presence, we can build on ways that we can motivate your customers to purchase and remain loyal.

Managing your brand’s reputation is also key. Reporting allows us to track your audience’s behaviour on social media and alter the way we portray your brand to improve your reputation.

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