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Affordable Social Media Services in Sydney – Get Real Business Results Across Social Media

As Crunchy Social is an online business with low overheads, we can provide you with the most affordable social media services in Sydney. We are a small yet capable team who have experience with numerous social media profiles and the many challenges that can arise when dealing with social media.

When it comes to your brand, we will discuss your business needs with you over email or phone and devise a strategy to suit your branding, business style and target audience, all using our expert social media consultants. Our social media services in Sydney include the set up of your profiles on any platform in the most optimal way to provide a good first impression to your viewers. We can set up your business presence on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. In addition to this, we offer monthly maintenance packages from occasional to frequent activity, including posting engaging content and interacting with your followers. While organic social media management is an important process to find your most likely customers and interested followers, investing in paid social media ads will really drive your business’ ability to reach a greater audience and show them what your business has to offer. With 2.27 billion active users on Facebook alone (Q3, 2018), we have no doubt that managing your social media presence effectively will have positive results for your brand and sales.

We are also competent at fixing a number of issues you may find with your social media accounts. Having trouble loading multiple locations into your Facebook page? What about setting up and promoting events to your target audience? We can discuss ways in which we can optimise your social media channels to get the best out of your audience and solidify your position in your market.

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Crunchy Social Crunchy Social provides the most flexible social media services in Sydney. We will assess your business needs and come to an arrangement in regards to the platforms and number of posts per week to suit your market and audience type. Every business is different with either fast-paced or comparatively lower-paced industries. Either way, developing a social media strategy is key to keeping your customers up to date with your business offering.

After sending us an email or enquiry, we’ll get in touch with some of the ways we can see Crunchy Social helping your brand. We’ll do background research on your current social media presence as well as your market and competition. If you already have social media accounts, we can provide you with a social media audit and some recommendation on what we can help you with to improve your brand’s social media presence.

We’ll set up your brand with your already established branding materials or provide suggestions on how you can solidify your online branding to carry over on to your social media channels. Researching the relevant image styles, hashtags and best posting times are also major parts of the process, allowing your social media to grow in a more organic sense.

During our monthly social media management services, we’ll strive to do the best we can for your social media profiles, whether this includes;

  • Gathering a list of frequently asked questions and answers and remaining responsive to your brand enquiries through direct messages on your social media platforms.
  • Arranging for a photographer or videographer to go to your location to gather content for your business.
  • Running contestants on your social media profiles to engage your followers and promote growth of your brand.

Have a chat with us today to discover how we can formulate for you the most bespoke social media services in Sydney.

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